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My name is Kasia –Photographer, Traveler, and Dreamer.

I like to laugh and share the joy with others.

Drink coffee in a bed on Sunday mornings and feel gold light on my face on summer evenings.

 For me, photography is a way of documenting these feelings and memories. I am capturing moments which will tell a story over a years to come. It’s an image which would bring all your senses to state from that very moment.    


Explore and Enjoy 

How Does The Magic Happens 

My style is simple,  it is all about people and the energy they share.

 Most of my clients were never photographed by profesional photographer.

I always take my time to explain general workflow of the photoshoot and what makes single frame to sparkle. 

I start taking pictures only when we are all comfortable with each other.

 It is really important for me to establish this connection with you so we could make amazing things together.


If you would like to say hi, tell me your story, what are you looking to photograph,

or just simply go for a coffee please press the button below.


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